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We’re Apella Health Management, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Just as quality medical care is important for the health of your patients, adequate hospital equity is important for the well-being of your organization. Equity allows hospitals to remain competitive in their markets by bringing needed services to the community, opening doors for growth opportunities, and increasing the value of the organization to both patients and investors.

Over the last decade, the healthcare industry has become increasingly volatile. Healthcare reform, economic downturns, continual regulatory changes, and lower reimbursement rates have left many not-for-profit organizations burdened with debt and without sufficient capital to invest in the infrastructure needed for quality care now and in the future.

Apella Health Management, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit management company, was founded to create joint ventures to aid in the recapitalization of not-for-profit hospitals and health systems. Our ultimate goal is to help these organizations achieve their goals for growth, quality, and financial viability while fully supporting the collective wisdom of local leaders in making decisions regarding the health and welfare of their own communities. In the typical joint ventures we oversee, Apella Health Management and its equity partner(s) will create a limited liability company to own and operate the joint venture hospital(s).

Shared hospital governance is the common element among all our joint ventures. We will not ask our partners who are contributing assets to a joint venture to give up control of those assets, nor do we seek to gain control of assets being acquired by the joint venture.

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